Monday, 10 May 2010

New Eco Purse

howdy all
i have been trying to make a pop tab purse for ages and after lots of trial and error i have finally made one. i am thinking of making a bag in the same way, and depending on feedback i may make some to sell on folksy.
i love finding different eco friendly ways to make bags/purses and these could be sold alongside my candy wrapper purses.
here's some pictures of the purse please tell me what you think........

it started as this

and ended up as this
so that's it (by the way the card is not real lol). these didn't take me long to make (not including the weeks it took working out how to put it together) so i could easily make more, i will need more pop tabs though lol will have to get friends and family to save them.
on another note I'm thinking about doing a craft blog for crafty tutorials. i posted a video on YouTube showing how to make a candy wrapper bag and it has been quite popular so I'm going to make a blog dedicated to these sorts of tutorials. it could be quite fun, anywho it just an idea at the mo.
I'm off now
thanks for reading :)

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