Thursday, 17 June 2010

Folksy Friday

i know its Thursday but I'm at work tomorrow lol
so here's my pick of the week with the theme sweets, so enjoy.
clicking on the link will take you to the items page :)

this cool bracelet is by Jillian's Jewellery

wow chocolate soap by Bits N Bobs

cola bottle buttons by Lilley's

and now here comes my fav item, i have brought one of these myself it arrived today its seriously awesome

gummy bear bracelet by PennyDog Jewellery
thats all from me enjoy your weekend :)
bye bye


Gemma said...

I LOVE Kerry's bracelet too. You just want to eat it. I'm planning on treating myself to a pair of her gummy bear earrings one day

maricesworld said...

Lovely chocolate soap bar - i think i'd end up with a mouth full of bubbles it looks good enough to eat! ;0)

Anonymous said...

Love both bracelets! they're very cool!