Wednesday, 23 June 2010

new item listed

its been a while since i listed anything but i finally got round to it today, i have a few things to list and will be putting them on folksy over the next few days.
so today's listing is a round ring pull purse, its made from 70 ring pulls crochet together.
here it is, clicking con the picture will take you to the item

so what do you think? i haven't seen many of these over here, i know they are popular in other countries, but not sure how they will sell here. i love making these though, they are different.
that's all for now
thanks for reading


Gemma said...

Cute. I've been collecting ring pulls for a while now and harrassing friends for them too! Planning on making a chain maille handbag.
I like the combination of crochet and metal though

retro faerie said...

thanks, i have been making everyone collect them too lol i have just started work on a ring pull bag.